Summing up COP25 Week 1 with links, photos, and content

Dear ECOS friends & colleagues,

Thank you for all bearing with us throughout week 1 of COP25, which has been an eventful time for Action for Climate Empowerment and our mission on climate outreach. See some of the highlights of ECOS below and feel encouraged to reach out to me for your highlights to be added. For those arriving for second week, our daily morning meetings take place at 10:00 to 11:00 in Meeting Room 15.

  • Monday 2 Dec at Nordic Pavilion – Kicking off a marine COP & Hopes and expectations for COP25 with Nordic ministers – See video of ECOS intervention
  • Tuesday, Dec 3 – 15:00-17:00 – San Pedro Room Action 1 – UNFCCC Secretariat Capacity building for youth – Overview for ACE – Secretariat calls for innovative and already deployed tools of climate change training for youth and parties to become accredited by UNFCCC. Please seek VJ to connect with UNFCCC.
  • Tuesday, Dec 3 – Climate Interactive Press Conference – Launching the En-Roads simulator – See webcast
  • Thursday, Dec 5 – 12:30-13:00 – IAAI Press Conference: Youth Climate Action Innovation – See webcast
  • Friday, Dec 6 10am – Novotel – Climate Collage event – Action for Climate Empowerment: how to scale-up climate education and training at global level – See post-conference publication – See pictures
  • Friday, Dec 6 – Meeting of ACE Nation Focal Points and NPS – YOUNGO ACE Working Group statement was presented.
  • Friday, Dec 6 – 16:45-18:15 Room 5 – ECOS Side event: CliMates x GYDI – ACE and Youth as drivers  important stakeholders in the enhancement of the NDCs – See slides and pictures
  • Saturday, Dec 7 – 12:00-12:30 – IAAI Press Conference: Climate Chain Coalition – See webcast
  • Saturday, Dec 7 11am-13 – ECOS x Climate Interactive Training Workshop – Using the En-ROADS Simulator and facilitating the Climate Action Simulation – See pictures
  • Saturday, Dec 7 – 12-1pm – ECOS event in Nordic Pavilion -Curating climate change: museums as capacity builders for Action for Climate Empowerment- See pictures
  • Saturday, Dec 7 – 5:30-6:30pm – China Pavilion – Climate Collage – Demo- Card Game – See pictures

Join our communications channels for ad-hoc information throughout COP25:

Please don’t hesitate to let us know about your related and upcoming activities/trainings/events to be promoted in the ECOS network.

Best wishes,


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