ECOS 2022 Elected Council:
Focal Points, Steering Committee,
and Regional Liaisons

Disha Sarkar

Disha Sarkar serves as ECOS Focal Point to the UNFCCC.  She is a youth climate advocate and a member of YOUNGO’s ACE Working Group. She was Co-Chair of the International Youth Conference 2021 organized by Generation Next Network, USA and the UN Department of Global Communication; convened “Mentorship Circles” providing Capacity Building Opportunities to college students on Green Jobs; served as a Coordinator for the virtual ACE Youth Forum 2021; and organized “Leveraging ACE: A Multistakeholder Perspective” as a Side Event of the Asia Pacific Climate Week 2021. She previously represented GYDI as a Virtual Delegate during the UNFCCC’s online Subsidiary Bodies session held in May-June 2021.

Timothy Damon

Timothy Damon serves as ECOS Focal Point to the UNFCCC.  He is Founder and President of the Global Youth Development Institute (GYDI), a globally networked non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people as leaders for climate and sustainability action. Starting from 2011, he has been deeply engaged in the UNFCCC process, as both a civil society representative and an expert adviser to government delegations in the realms of Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) and youth. This included five years supporting the global coordination of the UNFCCC’s official Youth Constituency (YOUNGO) and serving as an elected Focal Point of YOUNGO for 2016. Timothy holds an M.Sc. in Climate Change and International Development, with a focus in Water Security, from UEA, as well as an B.A. in Law and Policy, with an Economics minor, from Dickinson College. His further interests include philosophy and security studies.

Alexandra M Goossens-Ishii, PhD


Alexandra Masako Goossens-Ishii is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  She works for Soka Gakkai International (SGI), a community-based Buddhist organization that promotes peace, culture and education centered on respect for the dignity of life. Based in Geneva, Alexandra coordinates SGI’s advocacy work on human rights, climate and environmental justice at the Human Rights Council, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Environment Programme and the Convention on Biological Diversity. She has worked with the campaigns to establish a new Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Climate Change, and for the universal recognition of the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. 

Crystal Martin-Lapenskie

Inuit Territory/Canada

Deb L. Morrison, PhD


Deb Morrison is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  She is a collaborative design-based educator-researcher engaged in disrupting racism and other forms of intersectional oppression, specifically in the area of climate literacy and action. She is a learning scientist at the Institute of Science and Math Education within the College of Education at the University of Washington. In her positionality as a white science educator and researcher, Deb believes that praxis is a personal responsibility and seeks to engage in ethical research and its translation into practice.; @educatordeb

Deepayan Basu Ray


Deep Basu Ray is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  He is the Climate Engagement Initiative Campaign Lead at Climate Outreach. He works with governments and international bodies to increase recognition of public engagement as a key component in addressing climate change and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Prior to his climate work, Deep spent 15 years in international and regional forums on arms control and sustainable development. He worked with Pacific Island and Southeast Asian countries to ensure compliance with a range of UN treaties and agreements.  Deep also established and led the Arms Trade Treaty Monitor project, a civil society initiative to strengthen compliance with the UN Arms Trade Treaty. He holds an MA in International Relations (Sussex University) and a BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies (York University, CA).

Domenico Vito, PhD

Domenico Vito is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  He is an engineer who works in European projects  on air quality in northern Italy and researcher at the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, San Diego State University California  . He has been an observer of the Conferences of the Parties since 2015 – the year in which the Paris Agreement was approved by the parties. A member of the Italian Society of Climate Sciences (SISC), he is active in various environmental organizations and networks (The Climate Reality Project, Legambiente) and has been an active participant in YOUNGO, the constituency of young people within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in which he took part in various working groups (Energy, Health, Agriculture) and served as thematic coordinator of two WGs in UNEP MGCY. 

Eileen Doohan

Eileen Doohan is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  She learned the power of team work as a community developer in Fiji, forged digital products with teams of Unix & C software engineers and network designers for mobile tech and now cleantech projects with NEC (Japan), Alcatel (Germany), plus newly-minted start-ups and public private partnerships in the US, Japan, Jamaica, UK and New Zealand. Eileen founded an interactive literacy gaming NGO for reading enrichment. Most recently, Eileen formed, a decentralized network of community-led climate activations around the world spanning energy, water and soil initiatives within transparent governance carbon accountability frameworks.

Francis Nyambariga, PhD

Francis Nyambariga is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  He is a community developer and change agent in poverty alleviation and improvement of state of affairs.  He serves as Principal Land Reclamation Officer (land use & management) at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Nairobi, Kenya where he focuses on the development of investment programs that enhance communities’ disaster mitigation and preparedness, capacity building, training, and research.  He also serves as Principal Land Reclamation Officer (extension, land use, and management) at the Centre for Integrated Research and Training on ASAL Development where he coordinates land reclamation policy and development program implementation, among other other activities. Francis holds a PhD in Climate Change and Adaptation, and his specialties include Agricultural Education and Extension, Sociology (Community Development and Project Management), Animal Science.

Hussein Kassim

Hussein Kassim, ECOS Regional Liaison for Sub-Saharan Africa, is an Environmental and Sustainable Development practitioner with over 10 years of experience in communicating climate change, running advocacy campaigns, and engaging in developmental issues in Ghana. Hussein is a Co-founder and was the Director of Programs at Greener Impact International (GII) from 2010 to 2021. GII is a youth-led and youth focused non-governmental organisation in Ghana with the core objective of empowering the next generation of Climate Change Activists. He is currently the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Climate and Sustainability Empowerment, a climate change and sustainable development capacity building hub in Ghana. He was the Focal point of the UN Major Group Children and Youth in Ghana from 2010 to 2012 and also served as the Africa Regional Focal Point of UNEP’S 10-year Framework on Sustainable Consumption and Production. Hussein is also a member of the Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) and part of the working group of the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) of YOUNGO. 

Photo of Isatis Cintron

Isatis Cintron Rodriguez
Puerto Rico / USA

Isatis Cintron-Rodriguez is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  She is a Puertorrican climate scientist studying the chemistry, transport and impacts of air pollution on glaciers from Antarctica to Greenland at Rutgers University. She has been the Latin America Regional Coordinator for Citizens Climate Education since 2015. Isatis believes that as scientists one of our greatest duties is to distribute and create information with multiple stakeholders, since the purpose of knowledge is to be shared. She is the founder of Climate Trace an organization that aims to build a grassroots Climate Agenda for Puerto Rico that translates into policy by building bridges between citizens, policymakers and scientists. Isatis serves on the coordination team for the US ACE Coalition, and as director of the ACE Observatory.

Jin Tanaka

Jin Tanaka, ECOS Regional Liaison for Southeast Asia and Oceania (SAO), is exclusive member of Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Branch Representative of UN ECOSOC Special Consultative Non-Government Organization, University Student Chamber International. His research focuses on social communication by environmental dialogue and systems of natural conservation areas like geopark and UNESCO eco-park. He researches international conservation mechanisms of geo-park and eco-park provided by UNESCO.

Laura Weiland

Laura Weiland is a member of the ECOS Steering Committee.  She is an educator, climate advocate, and organizer based in New York. After working with many student groups of all ages, Laura is dedicated to supporting a safer future for young people across the planet. She is currently working on a M.Ed. degree in English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education, and holds a Masters in Sustainable Development with a focus on Community Development & Social Action. Laura is the Omega Institute’s Climate Program Lead, and former director of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, where she spent a decade working on campus sustainability and environmental programming including local, regional, national, and global climate initiatives.  

Maria Cecilia Quaglino

Cecilia Quaglino, ECOS Regional Liaison for Latin America and the Caribbean, is a passionate climate activist in Fridays For Future Argentina. She organized the last L-COY 2021 (Local Conference of Youth) in Argentina and coordinated the elaboration of the Argentine Youth Statement on Climate Change. Thanks to this, she has recently been elected a National Delegate for COY16. Following studies on Environmental Engineering (UCA), she worked on the first microplastics research in her region, published in 2020 in the reputable Springer Journal. She currently works as an Environmental Communication Strategies Coordinator for a local foundation (FNGA). As of 2020, thanks to the Global Shapers Community, she has been trained by former vice-president and Nobel Prize recipient Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader.

Miroslav Polzer, PhD

Miroslav Polzer, ECOS Regional Liaison for Europe, Canada, and the United States, is founder and CEO of International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges, a United Nations (ECOSOC, UNFCCC, GCF) accredited civil society organization based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Austria) which has as its main aim to set up the multistakeholder partnership GloCha as the world’s leading multistakeholder engagement ecosystem for sustainable development goals implementation and climate action. Before joining IAAI, Miroslav was head of Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office (ASO) Ljubljana from 1996-2011.

Olfa Jelassi

Olfa Jelassi, ECOS Regional Liaison for Middle East and North Africa (MENA), is a hydro-meteorological engineer graduated from the national engineering school of Tunis (ENIT) working in international cooperation and development. She is a Board and Steering committee member of ‘GenderCC- Women for climate justice’ and member of women and gender constituency (WGC). Olfa is an international expert, advocate, trainer and lecturer on gender, women’s rights and climate change.  She is co-founder of a local-based organization leading local environmental initiatives and projects, and was awarded the “Young Environmental Leader” by the Joke Waller-Hunter (JWH) Initiative.

Previous ECOS Leadership

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Berenice Danaé Espinoza H., Mexico

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