The Global Charrette Process

Thank you for your interest in the ECOS Organizational Design Charrette process.  And an additional thank you for everyone who participated in the Inclusive Dialogues in January and/or the Regional Charrettes in February.

The ECOS Charrette Committee has reviewed the eight design proposals, and the notes, comments, and contributions from the Dialogues and Regional Charrettes.  In light of this material and the review, the Committee has modified its design of Global Charrette and has prepared this “Options” document in GoogleDocs.

This blended approach begins with your comments on any and all parts of the Options document.  The Charrette Committee welcomes your feedback – your ideas, your comments, your questions, your concerns, your recommendations, your endorsements – about these options.


Please provide your feedback in this document.  This is a “live” document in Google Docs; use the comment feature to share what you think about the options presented in the eight organizational design areas.  You can also respond to the feedback/comments of others, as they will be listed on the right hand side.

The Charrette Committee will review all comments and determine if and where consensus has emerged, and if and where some areas need to be addressed further in a virtual gathering (yes, another Zoom discussion).

Please provide your comments in this Options document no later than 2359 (1159 PM) Eastern Daylight time (GMT-6) on Sunday 11 April 2021.  After that time, the Charrette Committee will close the document and modify it where appropriate to determine if virtual discussions are warranted.

Thank you again for your interest in and support for ECOS, and of course, for your comments!

Please note, too, that there is no prerequisite for participating in this blended Global Charrette.  You do not need to have participated in the Inclusive Dialogues or Regional Charrettes to comment about these Options.  We welcome your feedback!

The first phase Inclusive Dialogues were held via zoom in mid-January 2021. See Summary Report available here.

2nd Phase – Regional Charrettes, via zoom, was held mid-February 2021.

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Background information

Focusing and Strengthening the ECOS Organization through a Design Charrette Process

ECOS, the Education, Communication, and Outreach Stakeholders Community, was formed in 2016 as a community that is officially recognized by the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat and is open to all. ECOS supports effective, innovative efforts to build the capacity of individuals, communities, and organizations (both non-government and government) to make informed climate decisions. (Learn more at:

The ECOS Community has gained momentum in recent years, with strong involvement, especially in support of Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE), at UN Climate Change meetings and conferences. As our community of volunteers has grown, so has the scope and depth of our work. In broad terms, ECOS currently:

  • Hosts weekly community calls to foster collaboration with fellow climate practitioners, educators, and advocates around the world both within and outside of the UNFCCC;
  • Engages closely with the UN Climate Change Secretariat and observes, provides inputs, and participates in the UNFCCC ACE negotiations and related activities; 
  • Shares information, expertise, and support to help each other navigate and participate in UN climate processes, as well as to advance the implementation of ACE;
  • Convenes the #Learn4Climate campaign with various partner organizations to coordinate efforts and strengthen the momentum for ACE as we head towards COP26.

The ECOS team is now seeking greater input and participation, as we continue to evolve our organizational structure, strategic efforts, and opportunities to get involved. 

An hour-long summary of the Design Charrette process recorded 9 December 2020 on one of the weekly ECOS Community Calls.

Slides of the Presentation by Gregg Walker about the ECOS Design Charrette process available here.