Join us in shaping climate learning and engagement from local and to global scales as we focus and strengthen the ECOS organization through our Design Charrette Process. Entering the decade of Climate Action, ECOS is hosting a series of design charrettes to improve how we support our stakeholders for crucial climate education, communication and outreach engagement. Register here.

In 2016, at the UN Climate Change meetings in Marrakech, a group of people concerned about climate change education, communication, and engagement got together and created an initiative to address climate change education, communication, and outreach needs of both countries and non-governmental organizations.  What was once an idea is now a UNCC stakeholder organization – ECOS (Education, Communication, and Outreach Stakeholders) Community.

The upcoming ECOS organizational development charrette process is an accelerated, collaborative, design-based process that harnesses the talents and energies of all interested stakeholders. Please share your ideas about how ECOS can further support climate learning and engagement and build capacity for climate action at local, regional, national, and global scales.


Times: 0600 Los Angeles, 0800 Mexico City, 0900 Lima and New York, 1100 Brasilia, 1400 Accra and London, 1500 Paris, 1600 Johannesburg, 1700 Nairobi, 1930 Mumbai and Colombo, 2000 Dhaka (1400 GMT). Register here.


Times: 0100 Paris, 0600 Dhaka, 0700 Bangkok, 0800 Beijing and Singapore, 0900 Tokyo, 1100 Sydney, 1200 Suva, 1300 Auckland, and on 17 February 2021 at 1600 Los Angeles, 1800 Mexico City, 1900 Lima and New York, 2100 Brasilia (0000 GMT). Register here.

Help us review designs and use our template to share your ideas if you’d like, as we explore how ECOS can better support the breadth of public engagement in climate action underway around the globe. Consider sharing your thoughts on a portion of or the whole template found here.

This is the 2nd of our 4-Phase ECOS Charrette Process guided by an ECOS Charrette Coordination Committee.

  1. Inclusive Dialogues, via zoom
  2. Regional Charrettes, via zoom
  3. Global Charrette, via zoom
  4. Global Charrette Summary Report

Participation is free, but registration is essential. 

Register Here